Get up close and personal with the LG Cookie and Renoir


Following in the footsteps of T-mobile with its G1 emulator, LG is giving you the opportunity to get up close and check out the features, specs and super powers of the LG Cookie and Renoir handsets before telling your mum/dad/partner/friend (great friend) that’s what they’ll be buying you for Christmas. Being able to ogle the full touchscreen mobiles is a great way to make or break your desire to own one. And with an interactive UI, you’ll definitely be able to make an informed decision.

Dan reviewed the 8 megapixel Renoir a few weeks ago and it’s quite an impressive camera phone, packing Xenon Flash, ISO sensitivity up to 1600, touch shot and creative shot modes like beauty shot. Multimedia features range from slow motion video recording at 120 fps to time lapse video recording at 5fps. Internet browsing is a breeze too with WiFi and HSDPA.

The Cookie is more of an affordable handset for those so desperately wanting a piece of the touchscreen pie, providing similar top end features to the Renoir but at a fraction of the price. Of course this phone comes minus all the camera and connectivity goodness.

Check out the LG Cookie here

Check out the LG Renoir here

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Lucy Hedges