Geek Neighbours: Craigslist says no to prostitutes and a musical kettle

zuunnne new.jpgAccording to an email I received this morning there are 45 shopping days left till Xmas, which is a rather frightening thought. To comfort you we’ve rounded up the best of the web for you to peruse.

Engadget tells us about 46 new designs for the Zune. It’s just a little bit overwhelming…

-No more hookers on Craigslist! Not that they were hookers, they were just ‘erotic massagers’. GearFuse tell us that it;s the end of ‘Adult Services’ on Craigslist in 40 states. Will Gumtree follow next?

Oh Gizmo tells us about the harmonica kettle that plays music when it finishes boiling. You know you want one.

-Camera and printer combined? Sound like Polaroid to me, but the XIAO has a 5 megapixel camera and comes in bubblegum colours. Thanks DVICE- this is definitely going on my Christmas wishlist

Zara Rabinowicz