Full length movies are coming to Youtube

mgm-logo-thumb-200x124.jpgWave goodbye to frustrating ten minute restrictions on Youtube videos, and make way for full-length movies on the ever ubiquitous video sharing site in the near future. Full-length movies will be provided courtesy of ageing film studio MGM, so it’s them you’ll need to thank when kicking back to your favourite film. Initial offerings are nothing to get excited about, unless you’re a fan of ancient episodes of American Gladiators, but with classics like Bulletproof Monk, The Magnificent Seven and officially-sanctioned clips from newer films like Legally Blonde to follow, there’ll be no need to throw hissy fits.

Sadly though and what will be disappointing to many, Youtube will be taking down a copious amount of user uploaded clips from James Bond and Rocky movies as part of the deal.

Co-president Jim Packer has put a small spanner in the excitement too by commenting that the studio is taking baby steps rather than huge gigantic strides to bring us full length films *and* that he didn’t see it likely that MGM would be releasing a significant amount of their catalogue in the near future. Still, it sounds like we have a number of titles to get animated about. Now all we’ve got to do is work out why Youtube likes to freeze after two seconds and we’re sorted.

[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges