Epic and Scarlet cameras have got serious brains

This, folks, is the sticklebricks of the camera world. Don’t think you need a camera masquerading as a child’s toy? How wrong you are.

The idea behind RED’s new Epic and Scarlet cameras is that you buy one basic unit with a camera sensor in it (‘the brains’) and then add the modules that make sense to you. You can add lenses from Canon or Nikon, as well as the company’s own lenses, different battery packs, viewfinders and storage options. Most importantly, that means you can turn it into a top spec stills camera or an equally top video camera.

The founder of the company aims to make “Obsolescence Obsolete”, but it don’t come cheap. The brains of the Scarlet start at $2,500, whilst the Epic brains go all the way up to $55,000 (you get a sensor of 28k for your cash). Still, Peter Jackson’s a fan, so it must be good.

RED [via Crave]

Susi Weaser