Maria Sharapova and the limited edition Canon PowerShot Elph: Priceless

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Oh Maria. Was ever a celebrity/gadget mashup unfortunately timed this would be the one. Will hugging this diamond encrusted camera really make people forget you were replaced by Zvonareva (OK, and a shoulder injury that didn’t help). Will this boost your career, or will people start thinking you’re just in it for the money?

Still, 88 white diamonds should get you a lot of wonga, and that’s just one camera! There are five cameras available, all in different colours, and each with 88 white diamonds round the lens. They’re valued at around £6000, but even if you wanted to spend that much, you can’t.

Yup, these babies aren’t for sale as they’re part of a national sweep-stake competition. The winners will be announce in October, and there will be just five of them, one for each camera. And just why are they being so generous? Well, Sharapova and Dolce (her dog) is starring in Canon’s new TV campaigns for tennis and football. Yes, that still doesn’t make much sense, but if you want to be one of the lucky five winners enter here to win.

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