Maplin's Minibook enters the world of low cost laptops

If you thought you’d made your low cost, low spec laptop decision, prepare to throw your hands up in despair. Purveyors of electronics and givers out of umbrellas when it’s raining (it happened to me), Maplin, has entered he marketplace, offering a Linux based model.

This one totes just a 7-inch screen, but has an SD card reader, three USB ports, a 2GB SSD and a microphone, but no webcam, by the looks of it. There’s also just 128MB of memory, making this something you won’t do much more than surf the web on.

For August, you’ll be able to buy it for £169.99, although it goes up by £50 after that (or so they tell us – potentially there could be some ‘Special Offer Extended!!!! type shenanigans when it reaches September).


Susi Weaser


  • if you bought one of these be warned! you will not easly get your money back,from maplin they say as its a memory product, we are not under any obligation to give refund, make sure it’s what you want, its only have 128k cache memory, unknow 32bit cpu is very slugish sometimes its takes longer to boot up than my home made pc? with hard drive. application running under linux, are bit naf, also look at the asus before parting with your cash. according to maplin any product with memory, being purchased, you will have hard time getting your money back……….

  • Looks identical to the Elonex OneT, the revamped version of its £99 Linux laptop that is supposed to be shipping at the end of August, if the latest email apologising for the delay is to be believed.

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