8 Reasons why #Sense8 is your new favourite TV show

Sense8 is a new Netflix TV show that’s really left critics and viewers divided. From what we can tell so far it’s a real Marmite show – you either love it’s fantasy ridiculousness and heartfelt performances or you, well, you really don’t. We’re in the LOVE IT camp here at ShinyShiny, so we’ve collected together our 8 reasons why it could be your favourite show of the summer.

8 Essential waterproof gadgets for summer fun and travel

If you’re heading off on your holidays this year, then you won’t want to be worrying about what you can and can’t take to the pool. So make sure everything you pack is waterproof – or at least packed in waterproof luggage or a swim-friendly case. We’ve collected together out eight favourite waterproof gadgets whether you want to record yourself doing some crazy water sports or just keep your phone by the pool and avoid splash-related emergencies.

4 Easy ways to control your privacy on Facebook

Sure Facebook has put plenty of guides and easy steps in place to demystify privacy, but we’ve collected together four easy tips to give you a bit more control. We find that most people we talk to want to control what people can see a bit more, organise groups and share things with particular people, but they often can’t be bothered to take the first step, well now you’ve got no excuse.

10 Essential apps for travel and holidays: Airbnb, Localeur, Yelp

Going on holiday or away for extended travel is stressful enough at the best of times, so we’ve collected together our top apps for booking flights, finding accommodation on the move and figuring out the best places to eat wherever you are on the planet.

10 Apps to make you more productive: Evernote, Feedly, IFTTT

Whether you’re keen to find a new to-do list app, up your note-taking game or discover a new way to incorporate workouts into your busy routine, we’ve got you covered with our rundown of apps to make you more productive (and more awesome).