Festival round-up: 10 Gadgets, apps and useful kit for summer fun

With Glastonbury next weekend, which we’re gutted to be missing out on, festival season is well under way. While the music and atmosphere at festivals is always incredible, there are downsides to not washing and sleeping in a tent for four or five days, so we’ve found the best gadgets to help you battle nature and survive with your dignity still intact.

Main image via MojoBaron’s Flickr.

Bang Bang Solar-Powered Tent

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Now if you're lucky enough to have some spare cash to splurge on a shiny new tent - most of us have to resort to a cheap bargain from Argos - then get your hands on the Bang Bang tent from Firebox.

Not only does it have all kinds of eye-popping patterns and colours, but it's also solar-powered, which means you won't have to worry about carrying around devices with no juices or accessories to keep them charged - just plug them in on a night after a day of sunshine. OK so maybe you can worry about whether you're going to be getting a whole day of sunshine...

Available from Firebox for £199.99.


Becca Caddy