Festival round-up: 10 Gadgets, apps and useful kit for summer fun

With Glastonbury next weekend, which we’re gutted to be missing out on, festival season is well under way. While the music and atmosphere at festivals is always incredible, there are downsides to not washing and sleeping in a tent for four or five days, so we’ve found the best gadgets to help you battle nature and survive with your dignity still intact.

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We all spend so much time worrying about what we're going to wear to festivals and take to festivals and who to see at festivals and how we'll keep clean at festivals that we often forget some of the essential details - like how we're going to get there and not spend a fortune on trains or taxis.

Well car-sharing service GoCarShare now has an app to ensure you're not left stranded on your way to or from this summer's top festivals.

You basically tell the app where you want to go and it'll hook you up with someone who's driving there. You can then negotiate how much it'll cost, but it's bound to be much cheaper than standard public transport.

GoCarShare works on a rating system and syncs up with your Facebook account, so you can check if someone has been a good car-sharer in the past and if you have anyone in common to vouch for their in-car singing skills. You can download GoCarShare from iTunes for free.


Becca Caddy