How to spoil your kids the YouTube way: Make a professional music video for the little darlings

Ten years ago eager parents would have bought fairy castles, football outfits and paid for trips to EuroDisney when they wanted to spoil their kids. But this is 2011, things have moved on, and the YouTube generation take their treats differently from the MTV generation of the 90s.

The new way to spoil your kid is to make them the star of their own professionally made music video and then put it on YouTube. I guess we can blame Willow Smith the celebrity-child of Will Smith for starting this trend – see the 9 year old’s musical hit Whip my Hair.

But the kids don’t even need to be able to sing to get a professional music video.

See above… that’s the video of little Juliette and Ethan. Juliette’s parents decided to set up a professional film-shoot starring her and set to Taylor Swift’s sugary song of young love “Today was a Fairytale”. If you can’t take country at the best of times – DO NOT PLAY THIS VIDEO – it’s like mainlining glucose. Lyrics include the lines: “today was a fairytale, you were the prince, I used to be a damsel in distress”.

The kids are actually fine as actors – though, to be fair it’s not exactly a Oscar-demanding performance, and the film is well, very professional. The Taylor Swift original, isn’t hugely different, or better for that matter.. So as vanity projects go, it’s no worse than taking a million phtaotos of your kid doing the sack race at sports day. It’s just somehow more obvious.

I guess having kids that young doing like love and kissing stuff seems a bit wrong. Maybe that’s just me being old fashioned.

[via sarah, thanks]

Anna Leach