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10 geekiest tattoos - finger tattoos

These are cool. They belong to ‘Nng’ who is ‘19’ and from ‘Texas’ and posts in a vampire forum. He says: “Here are my finger tattoos. They have faded way faster than anyone really expected. I guess it is hard to work on your truck, and run machines, and keep a tattoo pristine.” We’re with you boy.
finger tattoos
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wrist html molecular picture of salt pen tool on arm the misspelled scalp tattoo barcode and computer ports finger tattoos simple computer repair tips a retro mic a to-do list. a join-dots puzzle
  • Nny, not "Nng"

    Hey guys, I am totally honored to have a place among your greatest geek tattoos. I think Number 6 is a pretty prestigious placing. I go by the name JohnReason now, but I used to go by "Nny."

    Thanks a lot!


  • How can you not have include the geekiest HTML tattoo?

  • Anna

    excellent! I love how knowledgeable our readers are. Well a prize* for anyone who can find a tattoo of a correct diagram of sodium chloride: either as a two oppositely charged ions or as a crystal lattice.

    *moral prize

  • Jon

    That salt 'molecule' is totally wrong. It shows a chlorine atom sharing an electron with a sodium atom -- this is 'covalent' bonding. Sodium Chloride is ionic, the sodium atoms give their electrons to the chlorines, making them equally but oppositely charged. Also, Sodium Chloride tends not to exist as a single molecule but as a crystal lattice.

  • Minna

    Why get a tattoo of incorrectly nested tags? :)

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