Blubel introduces smart bicycle bell for easy cycling navigation

Navigation on a bike isn’t easy. You really don’t want to take your eyes off the road to look at the maps on your smart phone in order to get directions. Enter Blubel, an innovative cycling navigation system fitted on a bell. 
Using your phone’s sat nav technology, Blubel displays simplified directions using the bell’s LED design. Your phone stays safe and secure in your pocket or bag, meaning fewer dangerous distractions, phone accidents or theft.

Blubel uses intuitive gestures on its 12 LED dial, to ensure you get from A to B safely and easily. The device can be fitted to any bike’s handlebars. All you have to do is type your destination into the supporting app and follow the lights on the bell, which indicate where to go.

Audio signals prompt you when turns are coming up, so you can keep your eyes safely on the road the rest of the time and the bell also shows the direction of your final destination, so you never lose your bearings. Blubel uses responsive routing that quickly recalculates if you take a different route or a wrong turn.

The supporting Blubel app finds safe routes anywhere in the world with the option to save favourite journeys offline. What’s more, by simply ringing the bell you can log risks as you ride, such as potholes or dangerous junctions, which can then be shared with the community.

As this community knowledge grows, Blubel can help others ride safely and inform local authorities and city planners on ways to improve cycling infrastructure.

Blubel’s minimalist design marries a traditional vintage brass bell with a sleek pebble shaped device with six colour options to match your bike. It is portable, and weather and shock-proof to guide you on any adventure. The mount also has a spring mechanism to make it easy to clip Blubel in and out.

 Says Sasha Afanasieva, Founder of Blubel:  

“I came up with the idea for Blubel as a result of my own cycling experience in London. I started commuting by bike and it quickly became my favourite part of the day; it beats public transport whatever the weather!

 “But there were also times I found it incredibly stressful: losing my bearings, getting lost or ending up on really busy roundabouts with no easy way to check the route.

 “Blubel was created to help others see that cycling has the power to transform the world – from reducing pollution, congestion and noise in cities, through to improving people’s fitness and mental wellbeing.”

Available in Charcoal, Ruby, Indigo, Green, Seafoam and Fuchsia, the Blubel can be bought at the online store for £79. The Blubel app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Chris Price