More interesting Nokia Android phone rumours

Nokia-Lumia-1020.jpgThis one has massive pinch of sale written all over it but there are rumours that Nokia may still be depending on an Android phone as in the one the company was said to have been working on prior to its recent agreement with Microsoft.

The site, Phones Review, says quoting a Chinese site

A few days ago we heard that Nokia had a team working on some Lumia devices that had Android installed and running, and now a new report is suggesting that this work is continuing and is a budget Nokia Android phone.

The device has reportedly been based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 220 8225Q processor and is being designed and tested by a research and development team that is based in Beijing, China. The device is supposedly at an advanced prototype stage, and it is being claimed that Foxconn has already produced and delivered over 10,000 units.

The site goes on to say that the phone is still being worked on and won’t be shelved until the deal with Microsoft is approved at the general meeting taking place in November.

I guess the interesting part is that it is more grist to the mill for ex Nokia employees who have said that will be making Nokia style phones that run Android.

Thomas Zilliacus former Asia-Pacific CEO of Nokia has formed a new company that is being called Newkia, and is reported to be building a team of ex members of the Finnish company who want to develop Android phones.

Ashley Norris