Pinstagram arrives on the iPad… before both Pinterest and Instagram


Pinstagram is one of those annoying mash-ups of… you guessed it… Pinterest and Instagram, but now it’s got its own shiny new iPad app it might be more appealing than them both.

The app allows you to see all of your Instagram feed photos in the popular Pinterest format, as well as search by keyword. You can then go on to ‘pin’ any of the photos you like to your Pinterest boards too and share via Twitter and Facebook.

The app is a cool way to view Instagram photos and great if you follow users who take snaps that are actually good enough to pin (which are far and few between we’d imagine), but it’s also pretty exciting for photo-loving iPad owners because it’s beaten both Pinterest and Instagram to the tablet device.

As you might expect, those behind the app made a conscious decision to go down the iPad route instead of developing an offering for the iPhone first. Pek Pongpaet, one of Pinstagram’s Co-creators, told Mashable:

“If people are already using Instagram on their iPhones, it would be duplicating Instagram’s effort […] We’ll never be a better Instagram than Instagram.”

Available from iTunes for free. Oh and if you’re lucky enough to have a 3rd generation iPad, Pinstagram has been optimised for the new Retina Display too.

[Via Mashable]
Becca Caddy


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