Vodafone LiveGuy gives Susi the low-down before the treasure hunt begins

As we announced a couple of days ago, we’ll be joining in with a live Treasure Hunt for Vodafone’s ‘Live Guy’ next week and getting in on all the Live Guy action (and hopefully win a Dell Inspiron mini 9 netbook) while he makes his way across the country as stealthily as possible. So what’s his mission all about? As of Monday 17th December, Live Guy will be entering 11 cities with his little netbook, posting clues as to his whereabouts live online using Twitter, Facebook, Google Picasa, YouTube and his blog. Dedicated contenders can track him down in the city he’s in saying the code words “You’re Live Guy and I’m a Vodafone winner”. Online users can guess his location by placing a tag on a map (pin the tail on the donkey style) on the Live Guy website. He begins in Edinburgh and ends up in London on the 29th November.

*********[UPDATE: Our very own Jane (aka Stylist Brighton) has already tracked him down this morning in Edinburgh, so we reckon if you’re in the area it’s worth a look at his page here, where you can track him via GPS. And check out Stylist Brighton’s Twitter here, for more clues as to where he is. There’s a netbook in it for you!]******************

Susi managed to track him down for a quick low-down before embarking on his journey and he tells her all about his itinerant adventure.

Check out www.findliveguy.com to find out more and get ready to play.

Lucy Hedges