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IFA 2013's Hot Five - #1 Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

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samsung-galaxy-gear-smartwatch-cover.jpgAfter all that talk of the iWatch it appears that Samsung is going to get there first with its Galaxy Gear smart watch. We don't know a huge amount about the watch at present except to say that it will team up wirelessly via Bluetooth with Galaxy mobiles and offer truncated versions of the stuff that you do on those handsets, So alerts for incoming calls, text messages, Twitter and facebook updates and plenty more. It is also likely to have some dedicated features built in too and expect an app rush as developers come up with innovative add-ons for it.

As for specs we are expecting a 2.5-inch screen, dual-core processor, sensors for fitness tracking and some kind of camera which should link directly with the phone.

One thing that won't be happening is a flexible display - so if you want to get an idea of what it might look like check out the recent Sony smartwatches.

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