Pink gadgets are back! Here's the evidence

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Round about five years ago the stores were awash with gadgets in all manner of pink. Pretty much every consumer electronics maker had a selection of phones, music players and more in salmon, fuchsia, coral or just shockingly loud. But then along came the iPhone and the market for girly pink gadgets seem to die…

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Amazon brings AutoRip to the UK – free instant downloads of each CD you buy

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I always thought that the best way to market music these days was to offer someone a CD and when they bought it give them an instant download of the tunes on it. Well it appears that the team at Amazon have been listening for it has just announced the launch of Amazon AutoRip, a…

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Phones 4u first in the UK to announce the Sony Xperia Z Ultra

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After yesterday's launch Phones 4u has confirmed that it will stock the newly announced Sony Xperia Z Ultra when it launches in the UK sometime during the summer. Anyone who wants the huge 6.4inch full HD screen mobile can register now on the Phones 4u site. Scott Hooton, Chief Commercial Officer at Phones 4u, comments:…

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Inspired by Wimbledon? Tennis gadgets, games and more

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Ok, so we are a little late with this. I mean who would have thought that Nadal would be on the plane home before we got our annual Wimbledon gadgets and games feature out. Nevertheless if you do want to emulate the great British player Andy Murray (aka as the Scots fella should he not…

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Star Wars and A Team commemorative plates

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There's a great spot by the team at Stylist today who have picked up on a commemorative plate designer who is doing her bit to bring old school crockery to a new audience. So rather than focus on royalty and religious figures artist Angela Rossi upcycles vintage, antique and just plain old plates and gives…

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Is this the Apple iPhone 5S on the production line?

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So is this the iPhone 5S on the production line? It has been published by the site gforgames, and it certainly looks real enough. If the iPhone 5S is going to launch in late summer/autumn then it would need to go into mass production pretty soon, so maybe this is real. Judging by this pic…

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Why the Apple iPhone 5S having a four inch screen is an inspired move

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There has been a bit of a kerfuffle in Apple land this week with images purporting to be the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S showing a phone that is the same size as the iPhone5. So that means that Apple hasn't been tempted to increase the screen size of the iPhone but keep it pegged at…

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Onkyo drops stylish iPhone 5 friendly CS-255DAB hi-fi system

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Onkyo has carved out a significant niche in creating high quality yet competitively priced mobile phone friendly audio systems. The latest to emerge from its stable is the CS-255DAB hi-fi mini system which the company claims offers high quality audio in a stylish package, and judging by the pics it isnt wrong on the latter.…

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Pay per play music streaming – an idea whose time has come?

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So no one yet seems to have properly solved the streaming music riddle. Apple's iTunes Radio seems like little more than a clever idea to get users buying more downloads. While Spotify can't quite seem to make its mind up as to whether it should be subscription only or an ad-supported free streaming service. And…

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Jony Ive Redesigns Things blog. Apple guru works his magic on The Beatles

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So what do you make of Jony Ive's subtle gradient driven tweaks to the icons on Apple's iOS 7? Well some very clever people have taken the concepts behind those updates and applied them to a whole load of other things to deliver the superb, and the very funny Jony Ive designs Tumblr blog. So…

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Sony's Xperia Z Ultra – video and first look

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Today I got the chance to spend a few minutes with one of the hottest mobile phones of 2013 - Sony's monster sized Xperia Z Ultra. Here are a few thoughts. The screen - Yes it is huge and yes it looks amazing, The phone packs a 6.4inch screen which feels so much larger than…

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Orbitsound drops M10LX Soundbar

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Orbitsound, makers of the sound bar, has a new model on its books. The £249 M10LX houses a wired subwoofer and delivers 250 watts of sound. It also includes Orbitsound's patented 'spatial sound' and enhanced audio definition. The M10LX is crafted from wood and hand-finished in ultra high-gloss. It includes seven individually amplified speakers, including…

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Sony's Xperia Z Ultra – features and specs

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It has been a long time coming but Sony's "phablet" the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, was launched today in two simultaneous events in Shanghai and London. The latest in the company's Xperia series of smartphones packs the biggest HD screen on a mobile and some interesting new display tech. So for the screen you get…

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The five things you need to know about Sony's huge new Xperia Z Ultra mobile

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This morning, as expected, Sony dropped its huge screen Phablet, the Xperia Z Ultra. Here are the five quick key things you need to know about it. 1 The screen is huge. It is 6.4 inches, yet fully HD, which is bigger than just about every other mobile on sale. In spite of its size…

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You can now buy Amazon MP3s songs on your iPhone/iPod touch

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It might seem incredible but up until today you haven't been able to buy MP3s from Amazon to play on your iPhone. That has all changed with the announcement by Amazon that as from today its MP3 are compatible with iPhone and iPod touch devices. The retailer says that its 25 million song catalogue is…

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Has Nokia just labelled Apple iPhone users as zombies?

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Is Nokia labeling all iPhone users as zombies? Well that appears to be the rationale behind the company's new ad for its Lumia 925 Windows powered mobile phone. The ad features a street full of iPhone touting zombies taking images in low light with powerful flashes shooting off everywhere. The implication is that if you…

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New iPhone app Heard saves conversations from five minutes ago

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Ever had a conversation and then five minutes later completely forgotten what was said? Well if that's a regular occurrence for you then you then you might like the sound of a new iPhone app called Heard. Billed as the app that will 'Turn your iPhone into a time machine!' it basically continually records the…

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