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REVIEW: Kodak Pulse Digital Frame lets you share photos instantly

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As part of our fortnight of Instagram goodness we were sent a 10" Kodak Pulse Digital Frame to try out, so we could showcase our favourite images from a fancy frame and not just squint at them on our teeny iPhone screens.

The Pulse looks like a regular digital photo frame, but what makes it a bit different is the way you can send photos wirelessly from a number of devices, by email or even Facebook.

How does it work?

You can just attach the frame to your computer and send photos across that way, but to take advantage of its super WiFi capability, just sign it into your wireless network and get sharing. You then need to set up a Kodak account and add some photos. This sounds like a bit of a pain, but it actually doesn't take very long at all and once it's done it's so simple to add or delete them afterwards.

The frame has a pretty responsive touchscreen, which lets you control how it works, which photos you see and how you see them by just pressing the large and easy to use dashboard.


How do the images look?

The frame has a 800 X 600 display and the quality of the images obviously depends on which device you've used to take them. The photos I sent over from my iPhone 4 generally looked good, but were a little grainy at times because obviously they'd been blown up a little bigger.

You can make a few changes to your images using the touchscreen, so it's easy to rotate them, change the transitions (have everything flying in from the side!) or view them as a big grid.

The Pulse has around 512 MB of internal memory, which works out at around 4,000 photos, so you don't need to worry about running out of room either.


How can you transfer them?

The Pulse is designed to allow you to share photos in a number of ways, so you can add photos to your Kodak account, send them to a dedicated email address, use a regular memory card or USB stick, or if you have a Kodak Easyshare portable camera you can share directly from the device.

Who's it for?

You can control what's shown on the Pulse from wherever you are, so it'd be ideal as a present for a relative and you could then get lots of family members on board to send photos through as and when. However, if you give it to your grandparents, don't get drunk and send something stupid through. We guarantee you WILL regret it.

You unfortunately do have to have the Pulse plugged into the mains, which is the only main disadvantage of the product as it could look a bit messy on a mantlepiece or shelf. So that's worth bearing in mind if you're giving it to a particularly picky person.

Overall the Kodak Pulse isn't about amazing quality photos or a beautiful display, it's about quickly and easily sharing your photos instantly wherever you are, which makes it perfect for mobile photography fans and a favourite for Christmas.

Available from Kodak for £164.99.

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