10 Best video editing apps for the iPhone: iMovie, Viddy and iSupr8

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There are all kinds of photo editing apps on the iTunes store, from a library full of run-of-the-mill retro filters that make your photos look like grainy keepsakes from the 70’s, through to those that stretch your face around and turn your surroundings into sketches, the choice is pretty endless.

But the iPhone 4 now brings us great quality video too, so where are all the VIDEO editing apps that can give us similar effects to some of our good ol’ photo favourites?

Over a year ago Anna wrote a list featuring five of her favourite video editing apps and she was pretty disappointed with the lack of choice.

Even a year on there still aren’t that many to shout about. Sure there are some good new additions, but I only really (luckily) found ten that I wanted to feature and three had already appeared in Anna’s list last year.

There are plenty of others that fullfil specific roles, like just adding music or making video slideshows out of the photos you already have, but really there’s very little choice when it comes to comprehensive video apps that let you edit video, add in and delete clips, make transitions, add filters AND share to your social networks all in one package.

Here’s our top ten featuring a few old and a few new, a few that are really comprehensive and a few that are clearly lacking in some areas but do bring something a bit different to the table:

UPDATED: 10 Best video editing apps for the iPhone & iPad: iMovie, Cinefy & Magisto

By Becca Caddy | September 12th, 2011

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