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Ryan Cleary's bedroom & why you should never put tinfoil over your windows

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Question: Why shouldn't you put tinfoil over your windows?
Answer: because it makes you look mental.

Especially after Scotland Yard arrest you for hacking multinational companies.

A photo of 19 year old hacker Ryan Cleary's bedroom has just been released. Key features include the covered up window, the air conditioner, a picture of two naked women mud-wrestling and a ginger cat.

The cat is great. The rest makes him look CRAZY.

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  • Alice

    As someone with Asperger's it would be impossible for me to judge this article objectively. However, I cannot see where this particular documentation of Clearys' personal habits achieves anything. This picture is not vital evidence, I saw a room like this when I was browsing for flats recently.

    ShinyShiny is in it for the lulz, I get it, rant over.

    Keep it classy kids.

  • Maybe the PC was seized? and this photo was taken afterwards?

  • Someone

    Photo appears fake, normallish situation tho, but still set up? Where the 2 comps?

  • poo

    What a ridiculous article.

  • anon

    wow.... leave it to the media to attempt to blow it out of proportion. Tin foil on windows = reflects light off of windows. Perfect solution to night owls who want to sleep in and complete dark room at noon. The poster? From the looks of it, its a de-motivational poster (Teamwork). You can buy them from stores even. It's not like his wall was covered in shitty print off's of porn stars taped over the wall. Hell even looking at his entire setup, I would not even say he was a hacker.

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