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How *does Facebook select Suggested Friends?

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Our story on Facebook's mysterious Top Friends box still gets shed-loads of comments - check them out here. Mostly they reiterate our mystification at just how Facebook does select who ends up in your Top Friends section. One of the commenters posted an interesting observation about another Facebook phenomenon - suggested friends.

We quote Anonymous:

"I also think the "people you may know" window is stalker related. I created a fake profile ages ago to check my privacy settings (this was before fb introduced the privacy view feature) anyway.. I had no friends in my profile and i searched my proper profile and a couple of my close friends a few times. Then logged into my normal profile only to find my fake profile appearing to the right in friends you may know.
After discussing this with a friend she mentioned how a random overseas hookup from 5 years ago, with no friends in common appeared in her friends you may know column."

Interesting huh? Is 'suggested friends' based on who has been looking at your profile?
One thing though: it could be that he has given one of the Facebook accounts permission to search through his email for contacts to be used to suggest friends.

And if he's ever emailled something from one email account to another then it's likely it will pick that up.

Anyone else tried this?

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  • Jac

    Pretty sure it's suggesting people who have been looking at your page
    I have a dozen "suggestions" who all happen to know the same person
    who is not a friend of mine but more of a stalker...

  • the Facebook accounts permission to search through his email for contacts to be used to suggest friends.

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