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Shiny Poll: Justin Bieber's new hair - yes or no?

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I know we don't usually cover haircuts on here - being a serious technology site - but if anybody's hair is important to the internet, it's Justin Bieber's.

Hello, Twittter had to adjust their trending topics to stop him topping the list everyday. If you're wondering what happened to it... he has given it out to celebrities who are to auction it off for their favourite charity. Lovely.

We ask you Shiny readers - the new hair, or the old hair? OR NOTHING?




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  • ashley?

    his hair is fine it dose not matter what u people say he is going to do what he whats to do

  • iwuvjbbb

    i love his hiar either way!!!! i wuv u justin bieber. * true belieber

  • zarine

    ILOVE YOU Honey Bunny ;)

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