Lady Gaga pops up at CES Pop star releases printer, camera specs, warms our cold hearts


Watch out Samsung, Apple and HP – there’s a new name in tech and it’s one of the biggest names in the world. As if the platinum records and global fame weren’t enough, Lady Gaga has popped up at CES and busted out a couple of gadgets.

Sure, the printer for mobile phone pictures, some sunglasses with an embedded film camera features and a Polaroid camera won’t shake the tech world,. but they will get lots of publicity and probably sell a bunch because you know what, Gaga is even more popular than Steve Jobs. If she made a phone, people would buy that phone regardless of the specs.

Under the “Grey Label by Haus of Gaga,” the gadgets include a pair of sunglasses with embedded camera and display, a mobile phone photo printer and a Polaroid camera. Naturally the sunglasses were modelled on a naked gold statue of a woman with nipple Xs. The glasses let you take pictures of what you’re looking at, some kind of robot dream.

Just some nice gadgets for a pop star about town. The mobile phone photo printer is a cute idea though. Something I’d genuinely use, if didn’t cost a bomb and came out with some cute prints.

We love you GAGA.

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Anna Leach