Fujitsu's Tokidoki laptop is a must have mini PC

tokidoki_fujitsu_laptop.jpg Mini notebooks, netbooks, sub-notebooks, ULPC’s (whatever you want to call them) are great aren’t they? But as far as design goes, they tend to be a bit run-of-the-mill – i.e. plain. That’s what makes the Tokidoki mini laptop from Fujitsu such great eye candy, not to mention being a nice break away from the norm. Completely covered in Tokidoki characters, this Fujitsu laptop is incredibly lightweight and uses a super low amount of power when compared to your average laptop, giving a firm salute to eco-friendliness too.

It’s only available in Japan I’m afraid, but with the huge buzz currently generating in the US and UK, hopefully it won’t stay that way for much longer.

[via Hippy Shopper]

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Lucy Hedges