Facebook has been suspending Native American people's accounts.

Facebook’s suspending Native American people’s accounts under its ‘real name’ policy

Diane Shipley Apps, Tech Leave a Comment

Facebook’s much-unloved ‘real name’ policy is under fire again. Having upset the LGBTQ community, now Native American people are having their names changed and accounts suspended. As the Guardian reports, Dana Lone Hill, who is Native American, had her account suspended because the company didn’t believe her name was real (!), and she’s not the…

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Doctors should use Twitter more to understand patients' priorities, says a new study.

Doctors should use Twitter to understand their patients, study says

Diane Shipley Apps, Feeling good, Health, Tech

Twitter could help doctors relate to their patients better, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of British Columbia spent six months keeping track of tweets about stem cell research, especially as it relates to spinal cord injury and Parkinson's disease. They were surprised to find that, for most people, the use of…

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WhatsApp, baby? Why always-on communication is turning us off #LoveWeek

Holly Brockwell Feeling good, Love Week, Premium, Theme weeks, Wellbeing

For the most part, being connected all the time is a good thing. It means you can always find a friend when you need one, get a taxi home when you're drunk and lost, and pay for said taxi when you realise you've left your purse in the pub. But I think being able to reach…

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Like hashtag

The week in hashtags: #HistoricPOC, #BAFTAs, #MugabeFalls, #QuestionsForMen

Lauren Bravo Trending

The good, the BAFTAs and the ugly truths being tagged and tweeted over the past week... #HistoricPOC Writer Mikki Kendall started this hashtag as a celebration of Black History Month – but also as an important exercise in visibility, challenging the way history tends to be taught and remembered through a caucasian filter. The idea…

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Computer scientists are teaching computers to understand the meaning of photos in different contexts.

Scientists are teaching computers to understand photos

Diane Shipley News, Tech

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but your computer’s not likely to pick up on any of them. That looks likely to change in future though, thanks to computer scientists at the University of Rochester. Professor Jiebo Luo and his colleagues wanted to try teaching computers to recognise the emotional information that photos…

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Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is taking responsibility for the number of abusive users.

Twitter CEO says trolls are all his fault

Diane Shipley Apps, Tech

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has admitted that the social network is terrible at dealing with abusive users, and blames himself for how bad it's become. The Verge has obtained internal memos from the company, in which Costolo emphasises that things need to change. In one he writes, 'We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls…

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Could tweeting about sexism help our health?

Diane Shipley Apps, Feeling good, Tech, Wellbeing

It might not seem like Twitter has any obvious health benefits, but according to a new study, tweeting about sexism has the potential to improve women’s wellbeing because it feels like we’re making a difference. Dr Mindi Foster from Wilfrid Laurier University and her team recruited 93 female students and gave them information about sexism…

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Twitter can predict rates of heart disease

Diane Shipley Feeling good, Health

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have found that they can use Twitter to accurately predict rates of heart disease in specific areas. Coronary heart disease (where arteries become clogged with fatty plaque, making it harder for blood to move around the body) is the leading cause of death worldwide. Risk factors include stress, a…

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Psychologists say Twitter, Instagram, and email relax us… but Facebook doesn’t

Diane Shipley Feeling good, Trending, Wellbeing

Social media’s been blamed for everything from riots to loneliness to Ched Evans not being able to get a new football contract (no, really, I’m crying on the inside). The Oxford Dictionary added #FOMO as proof that Instagram makes us feel like we never do anything fun anymore, and if you aren’t complaining about having…

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Laptop on table

Is Facebook now an older person’s game?

Lauren Bravo Premium, Trending

Facebook is weathering the social media storm, but are we talking about a different generation now? I reached a personal milestone over Christmas. After many years of waiting, putting it off and making lame excuses, I finally accepted my father's Facebook friend request. It barely matters these days, I rationalised, as I don't do anything…

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The more Facebook friends you have, the less generous you (probably) are

Diane Shipley Tech

Have a lot of Facebook friends? Then why do you hate humanity so much? Just kidding, but a new study from the University of Warwick has found that those of you with 'Friends' up the wazoo are less likely to give generously to charity. (I guess un-tagging yourself from photos and writing ‘U ok hun’…

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The Bank of England will use Twitter and Facebook to set interest rates

Diane Shipley Tech

The Bank of England has traditionally used past trends to monitor the state of the economy, setting interest rates accordingly. But now, as Engadget reports, it’s going to be using tools that are a little more up-to-date, factoring social media into its equations. A new team will start using the internet, specifically search terms, Twitter,…

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The new SentBuk app can gauge Facebook users’ moods

Diane Shipley Tech

In case the site’s own data collection (and manipulation) wasn’t invasive enough, now Spanish researchers have made a new app, called SentBuk, that’s designed to gauge Facebook users’ moods. The good news is it needs users’ permission in order to work. Álvaro Ortigosa and his team from the National Centre of Excellence in Cybersecurity at…

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Charlie Brown Christmas

How not to be a knob on social media at Christmas

Lauren Bravo Feeling good, Fun, Premium, Trending

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, every creature was tweeting – via touchscreen or mouse... Social media has entrenched itself in Christmas as firmly as sprouts or Michael Bublè, but that doesn't mean it always comes in peace. Here are the most common festive pitfalls to avoid being the knob everyone unfollows…

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Social network gaming helps keep families close

Diane Shipley Tech

You might think that those constant Facebook updates from family members about what they’re ‘planting’ in FarmVille are annoying, but you should probably pay them some attention. A new study has discovered that social network gaming is a great way for families to keep in touch. Colleagues Mia Consalvo and Kelly Boudreau from the Technoculture…

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The OnePiece pop-up shop lets you pay with your social media followers

Diane Shipley Tech

It turns out that focusing on the number of people hanging on your every word or photo on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and the rest isn’t a completely shallow pursuit with no real-world applications after all. (I knew it!) According to Engadget, onesie brand OnePiece has opened a pop-up shop in New York where people can…

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Parents are scared of their kids’ social media use

Diane Shipley Tech

A new survey from digital safety non-profit the Family Online Safety Institute has found that parents are more concerned about their children’s social media use than any other online activity. (Has no one told them about p-o-r-n? Or the dark web? Or Reddit?) Anyway, as The Guardian reports, the US-based organisation found that only 26%…

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