Picture of Samsung flexible screen phone lands. Rumours of Ocober 10th launch

Ashley Norris Tech 1 Comment

Big news from Samsung it seems that the curved smartphone that has been doing the rounds is imminent. An image of the device have been leaked on Twitter alongside a crescendo of gossip that the phone will be announced on October 10th – that’s tomorrow. The rumour has been sparked by the date on the phone.

Samsung has been experimenting with flexible screens for a while and showed its first version at CES in January.

By Ashley Norris | October 9th, 2013

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  • cajhne

    I don't believe Samsung is stupid enough to make a phone curved that way… a way that offers no usability bonus… whatsoever. Obviously you didn't see their trade show presentation on Youm, the flexible screen tech. This leak isn't even a real photo, it's a 3d render of the S4 that has been Photoshoped to be curved… moronic. :P