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Watch out chubby dogs! Here comes Fitbark, a fitness tracker for canines

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Are you concerned that your dog is looking a little on the chubby side? Well no worries because some enterprising New Yorkers and our pals at Kickstarter are coming to the rescue.

After fitness tracking devices for humans like Fitbit and Jawbone we may soon have a versions for dogs called FitBark. Basically it is a small wireless activity tracker for canines that fits on Fido's collar. It then monitors the dog's activities throughout the day and sends that data to your smartphone.

You can obviously optimise it to set targets for your dog an by inputting its age, breed and more.

For this wonderful gizmo to happen the company needs $35k on Kickstarter. The good news is that at the time of writing they have almost reached that goal.

The device, which is also waterproof and ruggedly built, is selling for $59 to the first 250 buyers on Kickstarter.

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