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Top 10 new iPad Mini cases and accessories

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Apple unveiled it's teeny tiny tablet, the iPad Mini, last week and you can already pre-order one from the brand's website. But since you're forking out a fair few pennies for the latest Apple gadget, you'll want to keep it wrapped up safe in one of these new cases designed especially with the palm-sized tablet in mind.

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  • DavidThomsan

    ClamCase for iPad mini delivers the ultimate in productivity at an incredible price. ClamCase offers solid protection for your iPad. The hard shell polycarbonate case protects all sides of your tablet and guards against dents and dings.
    iPad 3 Keyboard trooper

  • cristyn lieo

    I have seen all 10 iPad Mini Cases and I like the 3rd one more then all other.

  • And TabGrip ideal for use your iPad in multitasking. His grip feature allows users to hold comfortably iPad safely in one hand while typing with the other. And TabGrip has flexibility with the carrier legs position adjustable to see and write.

  • Apple announced this is a small disk, Mini iPad, last week, and you can pre-order a website for this brand.

  • Steve

    How does gumdrop compare to other rugged cases like the Otterbox? It looks pretty hideous... the Otterbox Defender seems to not look quite as bad- but if it protects well, then who am I to complain?

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