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Taploid turns your Facebook feed into a sleazy gossip mag

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Do you ever read through updates from your friends on Facebook and sometimes think you're in a really REALLY terrible and badly dressed version of a reality TV show? Well now a new app called Taploid aims to suck your soul straight out of your body by presenting all kinds of Facebook activity in the style of a dirty gossip magazine. Why? Well, just because.

The idea behind Taploid is quite simple:

"Using clever technology, we analyze your social net­work to give you funny and positive stories about your friends. Sometimes it's even hilarious. Welcome to The Taploid, the next generation of tabloid magazines."

According to the team, the app uses language analysis and data mining to sift through all of the recent information from your Facebook friends and then cherry picks the best bits to jazz up and serve back to you in a daily digest email packed full of aggregated stories.

It's an interesting way of taking data we might normally miss and packaging it up in a recognisable format, but it's also a bit stupid and, let's face it, a bit creepy too.

Then again as much as we bitch and moan about tabloids even the strongest amongst us get sucked in by the Mail Online from time to time, so sign up to Taploid and replace those shots of Kim Kardashian's bum and K-Stew affair stories with photos of your mates out in Leeds and news of your cousin's new diet. Just as exciting. We promise.

[Via Digital Trends]

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  • Hey Becca appreciate the feedback. I think we may not have been clear enough in our presentation. We position our brand as funny and positive, and use "onion-type" headlines to get people to engage in a not so serious way. I'd love to have a chat if you have a second to better clarify. However, I know its tough and you're probably super busy as a tech-blogger... @redgsnodgrass is my handle on twitter but you can connect with me on Facebook as well that may be a bit easier.

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