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Bazaart turns your Pinterest pins into stylish collages

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Are we the only ones who are getting a little bored of Pinterest at the moment? After all, there's only so many times you can stare at pretty pictures of clothes, holidays and interiors you'll never be able to afford.

Well maybe our love for the virtual pinning board will be reignited with Bazaart, an iPad app designed specially for Pinterest-loving-fashion-fiends who want to create Polyvore-like collages from the things they've been pinning.

You simply swipe around your pins, create collages or mood boards from any content you like and then can republish your final creation as a pin too. Simple.

The app suggests it's a great tool for fashion lovers, but we imagine designers and any users who want to create something more meaningful from their pins would be keen to give it a try.

However, it's not just about creating pretty collages, you can browse what others have been mixing together and even get style recommendations in the future:

"Bazaart is essentially the first ever Pinterest-driven, user-generated, 24/7, live fashion catalog. Our long-term vision is that as you assemble and customize looks, Bazaart patented technology learns and remembers what you like to wear and suggests new looks that match your style."

Bazaart is available from iTunes for iPad users for free.

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