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5 Alternatives to Pinterest: Juxtapost, We Heart It & Image Spark

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We've said it 3,382 times over the past few weeks and we're going to say it again, content curation website Pinterest has suddenly become kind of a big deal. Everyone's pinning, collecting and re-pinning all kinds of photos and we're happy to see one of our favourite communities grow at a really rapid pace.

However, if Pinterest just isn't your thing because it's a little too 'girly', the interface doesn't appeal to you, or maybe you just don't want to follow the crowd, then there are plenty of alternatives out there that allow you to curate content and keep it in a safe place.

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  • Sadia Komal also accepts pictures

  • Laura

    One of the sites mentioned above has changed its name to liiist. I recently came across another beauty site which is like pinterest but offers a lot more in the beauty segment as you can share with you friends and get their opinions on beauty products.

  • Laura Bauer

    Yes this is a pinboard under


    For animal Fans & Lovers

  • Anonymous

    Your idea to review "alternatives to pinterest" is a good one but I'd hoped for more information and I wish that you had covered the same information on all the alternatives. The questions I'd like answered for every alternative are:

    Do they allow private pins/ boards?

    Are there limits on pinning? (eg. on weeheartit there is a minimum size)

    Can you rearrange pins within a board?

    And, the one that I suspect is going to be the most interesting in the coming months,

    What rights will the host site have over images posted on the boards?

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