Watch tells you how drunk you are: TokyoFlash concept the breatha-watch

Anna Leach Tech


Half watch, half breathalyzer. This concept from Japanese watchmakers TokyoFlash is one for the party-goers among us.

It’s a standard LCD watch (well, standard for TokyoFlash anyway) with a port that reads your breath to test the blood alcohol level. Then it whizzes up the results into a display that shows the characteristics of your particular level of drunkness..

After drinking, touch the button to activate the Alcohol Test Function, blow into the port and await the result. Your blood alcohol content reading gives an indication of your level of sobriety. Handy for breathalyzing on the go and generally keeping a track of your alcohol intake..

If you’d like TokyoFlash to make this watch, vote for it at the bottom of this page.

By Anna Leach | June 16th, 2011

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