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Anna Wintour's Webby wisdom is sooo last season

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55-vogue.jpgThe editor of American Vogue gave us this gem yesterday when she accepted a Webby for "sometimes - geeks can be chic".

The Webbys demand a 5 word acceptance speech from their winners. But despite the award, Wintour's contribution suggests that the famous editor is still stuck in a 1.0 world and isn't quite so perspicacious about the internetz as she is about the next season's trends. We suspect she might have more of a role in the awards ceremonies than the website design.

The underlying assumption is that you need to be a geek to do websites, and that websites are the pursuit of slightly strange codey-types. It's a pure Old Media myth. These days putting up a blog or site doesn't require much more than the ability to use a mouse.

The other underlying assumption - that many geeks have bad clothes - is probably true, so we'll let that lie...

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