Snuggle your iPhone up in a FASHION SOCK

Anna Leach Tech


Putting your iPhone in one of your actual socks could be a kind of social suicide, but putting it in a catwalk-inspired tote sock looks like fun to me.

Trendz make socks for gadgets. Mostly iPhones but also laptops, iPods and MP3-players. They’ve just released some new ones for iPhone 4.

These cases are also upgrade-proof – unless Steve Jobs whips out a 15 inch screen on the iPhone 5, we imagine that the new iPhone will fit into these socks.

Apparently the designs reference catwalk trends, but it doesn’t specify which ones. So we guess that those trends are (from left-right)
– hipster knits, a staple for the past five years
– royalty, you know, like Kate Middleton
– errr, we don’t know what that heart sock is about. Maybe there’s a catwalk trend for hearts. We are technology journalists, sometimes this fashion stuff passes us by..

TRENDZ socks are available in TopShop

By Anna Leach | June 20th, 2011

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