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5 iPhone photo apps worth checking out

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Taking good photos can seem so difficult and it's understandable if you think it is a complicated process that requires expensive cameras, big lenses and turning your bedroom into a dark room. Of course all of the above are probably necessary if you want exceptional pictures, but luckily for all hobby photo enthusiasts out there; there are some very clever apps available that make your run of the mill snaps look picture perfect. And all you need is an iPhone and an eye for a good shot - the latter is more difficult to get a hold of unfortunately...

Since getting my iPhone I've regularly checked the app store to see if any new and fun photo apps have hit the market. Having avoided any too expensive investments so far, my favourite discoveries to date are: Instagram, Hipstamatic, MoreLomo, CameraBag and more recently Phototreats.

Never have adding effects to your photos and sharing them been easier!

Below is a selection of the snaps I've taken while out and about with my iPhone (more details about each app can be found below the photos for those who want to read more).

Which photo apps do you use?











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