Snail mail goes digital: Royal Mail introduces digital watermarks for post

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Interested parties will need the Digital Space App, a free app soon to be launched on the App Store and Android Marketplace. Then you hold your phone over the digital watermark on the letter and voila – you have digital mail.

Only people with a 3G iPhone or an Android phone can use this though. For now it’s expected the service will mostly be used by companies sending out ads and corporate leaflets. Scanning the digital stamp will take you to the site of the sender’s choosing, such as a website or a video.

“Royal Mail is committed to helping make leaflets and mailings increasingly sophisticated and engaging for the people who receive them,” said Dave Smith, Royal Mail’s chief customer officer, as the British postal service becomes the first to offer this scheme.

This could be potentially interesting – send along a link to an online photo album with a post card, for instance. In either case it brings snail mail closer to digital mail, and that can only be a good thing.

[via The Daily Telegraph]

By ShinyJess | May 10th, 2011

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