Samsung offering 3D prescription glasses..

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Only days after the announcement of bubblegum-coloured, aviator-style 3D TV glasses from iWoot, Samsung have annouced prescription 3D glasses for watching the telly.

This means that those of us who are squinty and short-sighted won’t have to perch two pairs of glasses on our delicate noses when we want to watch some film in 3D.

We assume you’ll be able to use them at the cinema and anywhere that the 3D technology uses passive glasses..

Obviously you won’t want to get these replaced everytime your prescription changes, and of course this pair would just work for you, so you can’t share them. But maybe that’s a good thing.

So far Samsung are only selling the specs in Korea. You drop your prescription off at the Samsung shop, and within a month you’ve got a corrective 3D pair waiting for you. As 3D adoption spreads, we could see this spreading around the world…

By Anna Leach | October 20th, 2010

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