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Nokia launch X3 touch & type: a candybar music phone

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New to Nokia's mid-range X series comes the X3 - a slim, perky consumer phone with a touch screen and a slide-out keyboard. Costing 125 euros (£103) it's likely to be on sale from September.

From the touch screen you can control widgets, the alarm and music for example, and the slide-out keyboard allows for text input.

Music is a big feature on the phone with a built-in FM radio, a music player and access to the significant ovi music store. The Ovi app store is there as well.

There's a 5 megapixel camera with 4X digital zoom that can take both still and video images.

We're quite interested in the unusual shape: a colourful candybar slider, with huge buttons. And check out the dusky metallic shades it comes in.


Nokia X3 will be approx £100, available from September

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  • If you you tried almost everything and still you can 'feel' your X3-02 has spyware in it, I think it's better to re-install the phone's software. Nokia Ovi Suite will help you with that. You can download the program at Nokia's site. Re-installing the software doesn't mean all your files will be lost; just don't forget to click the 'yes' button when Ovi Suite asks you to make a backup of your phone's files.

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