Ann Summers suggest you should buy knickers after voting

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A smart company knows how to jump on a bandwagon.. and being with the zeitgeist gets you attention and shows everyone that you’re paying attention to what’s going on outside your boardroom. But sometimes when companies get on the bandwagon, everyone else on the bandwagon is like “WTF. WTF are you doing here?”.

I have a strong WTF feeling with Ann Summer’s attempt to get in on UK election mania. The gist of their pitch this time is: “Hey women, you know the way voting is empowering, so is buying knickers, so after voting, come and buy knickers. We’re giving a 10% discount.”

I do admire their attempt to make a connection. This is what they actually say:

“At Ann Summers we are dedicated to empowering our customers […] To celebrate the womens’ vote, Ann Summers are giving customers 10% off purchases on Thursday 6th May to mark election day. Feeling and looking sexy guarantees a confident you, so why not pop into your local store to celebrate using your vote and treat yourself to a little something sexy.

“It’s all about choice and here at Ann Summers we have a lot more then three options…”

Apart from doing a quick face palm over their idea of female empowerment, I just thought I should point out the 10% off deal to you. A discount is a discount so if there’s something you want to buy, tomorrow is a good time to dip in there and err, think about Emmeline Pankhurst while you’re doing it.

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By Anna Leach | May 5th, 2010

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