Tracking clicks on Facebook: the scams, the apps and whether we want it?

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It’s the sort of app that everyone wants but fears and knows would ruin social networking. Something that lets you track who looks at your page and how often they click on it.

These apps pop up from time to time and run until Facebook find out about them and squash them. I was sent one disguised as an event recently: the informatively-named – “NOW YOU CAN SEE EVERY 1 WHO VIEWS YOUR PROFILE!!” The gist is that you visit: “” and download what looks like a Mozilla Firefox extension called the Feboz Social Networking Toolbar (also works for IE and Safari).

The event structure and the “invite all your friends” command just ensures the viral spread of the app. They claim here that “now it’s 100% possible to see that views your profile or spying on you”. Anyone know anything about Feboz? only contact details are a query form, I’ll let you know if I hear anything back [UPDATE BELOW]. They have a page on Facebook which claims they have 152,291 registered users and let you track your visitors. Until we hear something back we can safely assume it’s either a scam of some sort or not doing what the text below promises.

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Now defunct Facebook app Top Visitors was a less dodgy version of a clicktracker – it logged how often your Profile page was looked at and by whom. The app also uploaded a hit counter to your Profile page and displayed information about each visitor including how often they have visited, when they last visited, and where they are currently located.

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Facebook had set up technical blockades to prevent this, but the developer Shaun Walkers found a loophole in the Facebook code which let him insert a tracker in. He explains how he did that in a blog post here. The loophole is now closed and the app doesn’t work, but it is interesting how popular it was: getting 10,000 users in two weeks.

The only authorised example of click-tracking on Facebook can be seen on Facebook fan pages where you can see who’s been looking at and interacting with your fan page by age-range and gender. It’s pretty interesting, but it’s not personal.

Top Visitors developer Shaun Walkers says:
“The one thing I find most perplexing about the whole thing is the fact that Facebook has not yet added such a feature to their platform […] As far as privacy is concerned, Facebook could leave the feature disabled by default and allow users to enable it at their own discretion through their privacy settings. And including the Visibility capabilities similar to those I included in Top Visitors would provide users with ultimate control.”

Are you sold? What do you think?

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**UPDATE:** message from Feboz in answer to my question about whether you can use Feboz to track who looks at your FB profile:
Dear Anna. Toolbar is used for Signup. And there is an apps which works with Feboz. You can see who views your Feboz Profile on Feboz. its not related or Part of Facebook.

**UPDATE 2:** message from Feboz after I asked them if they were aware of or responsible for these events that misrepresent what they do:

Dear Anna. We check and got many complaints about the Events. Those Events are not Created or promoted by Feboz. There are few people who try to get points from those events. And as you talk about picture I just check them they didn’t said that you can see who views your FACEBOOK* Profile. The word Facebook is not used in that event. But again let us clear that those events are not created or promoted by Feboz. and Toolbar is only for Feboz. like you can use feboz from your feboz toolbar. Its easy to use and always in your explorer.

By Anna Leach | February 25th, 2010

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