Bandai helps women understand the men

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As the old clichés go, women are hard to read, woman don’t know what they want (bla bla bla) and this ultimately ends up with men relentlessly moaning about how much disdain they have for not being able to understand what we want. Such a phenomenon is this little bugbear there was even a whole movie about it. But, I think a lot of you will agree (especially the women) this incomprehensible slump that men grumble about swings both ways. And if the Onna Dameshi (Girl Tester) is anything to go on, we need help understanding the male species too.

This Tamogotchi style device is designed to help us understand men. How you ask? Well, it comes with 100 pre-installed questions, like: ‘What phrase will make boys happy when said out of jealousy by their girlfriends?’ or ‘What type of hair style do men usually prefer their girlfriends to have?”.

This is not a joke. Bandai has really given the green light to this device. They even interviewed 1,000 single men in Japan aged between 20 and 39 in order to achieve the best possible results. By answering a lot of the questions right, your popularity meter rises, ergo your knowledge of men gradually builds up.

It’s currently on sale in Japan for $30 USD. I can’t see huge queues forming can you?

[via Crunch Gear]

By Lucy Hedges | January 23rd, 2009

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  • Susi

    Boys are rubbish, end of.

    Huh. That’s surprisingly cathartic.

  • Lucy

    I second that Susi – we don’t need a device to tell us that (does that make us sound like a couple of man bashers?).

  • adi

    yeah def makes you sound like man bashers. but seriously bandai missed the mark on this one we guys aren’t that hard to figure out, they should have made one for “what should you never say to a women on her period”. still haven’t figured that one out…

  • GabachoMike

    Just show up nekkid…and bring cold beer.

    How hard is that to remember?

  • john

    Who came up with this idea, its totally random. Thing is it’ll probably get women thinking to much and make them totally paranoid.

    • Susi Weaser

      You wouldn’t want the women thinking too much, now would you! Who knows where it could end.

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