Paul Frank designs some 3G iPhone cases

Susi Weaser Tech 11 Comments

In my head, Paul Frank was a typically British designer. The fact that he’s about as American as they come goes some way to explain why I write about technology and not fashion. It also slightly mollifies me regarding the crap deal the UK gets in terms of these Paul Frank 3G iPhone cases being sold on the Apple Store site.

Not only is it only the first two on the left that are available in the UK, we’re asked to pay 25 quid, whilst the American store is selling them for $30. You can just chalk that up on the ‘Reasons why it sometimes sucks to be British’ board.

[via Chip Chick]

By Susi Weaser | December 30th, 2008

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  • Gadget Living

    That’s the price we pay for living outside the US. Here in Canada we’re often lucky if we can even get the same items, never mind about the ridiculous price increases. :)

  • Rammi

    The cases look good, but I’m still happy with my Marware one that seems to protect everything I need.
    However, considering the shoddy state of our economy, and the weak pound against the dollar, the difference between the UK and US prices isn’t really a lot ($30 is £21 according to XE). If I did want the case, a couple of pounds extra wouldn’t matter to me.
    Last year, when $30 was £15, this would be a whole different story…

  • gimbert

    its possible to buy in france?

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