Top 10 running apps for the iPhone: Nike+ Running, Endomondo and RunKeeper

Now that the nights are a little lighter and the air is a little warmer, there’s no excuse not to ditch your spin class, gym session and Netflix addiction in favour of a run. Of course, getting into the habit of putting on your kit, pounding the pavement and dodging cyclists can be daunting to even the most fit and enthusiastic of us, so we recommend downloading an app or two to help you track your workouts, monitor your performance over time and get a much-needed dose of motivation.

If you get really into it you can invest in a wearable specially geared up for running, but until then we’ve collected together our top 10 running apps of all time and whether you’re a complete beginner or laugh in the face of a rain-soaked 10K, we’ve got you covered.

Many of these options offer similar real-time stats and feedback prompts, so we’d recommend you take one or two of the apps that appeal to you most out for a test drive run to see which you find most useful. Because that annoying audio voiceover, bright interface and complicated map might look cool now, but we guarantee it won’t be as appealing when you’re sweating on a park bench somewhere.

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Picture 10 of 10

Pumatrac was built by, you guessed it, Puma, so we were a bit reluctant to include a brand in our list because it feels a little basic and 'me too'.

But Pumatrac is great for monitoring your runs with no-frills, just a stark white interface and basic stats. It's a good starting app for those who don't like fuss and just want to find out more about their running habits. But will be a bit basic for those wanting to take their workouts seriously.

Available from iTunes for free.

Becca Caddy

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