Jolla’s Sailfish tablet raises a million dollars in just 2 days

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iOS, Android, Sailfish? Jolla's operating system looks like a major contender in the mobile market now that the Jolla Tablet, dubbed "the world's first crowdsourced tablet," has exceeded $1million of crowdfunding in just two days on Indiegogo. Even more impressively, Jolla's original target for the campaign was $380,000, which it achieved in just two hours. Clearly, there's…

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Ten of the best #FeministHackerBarbie responses on Twitter

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First, screenwriter, bestselling author and long-time blogger Pamela Ribon highlighted the fact that children's book 'Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer' not only doesn't teach kids what engineering involves, but promotes the message that women need a couple of dudes to hand for even the simplest task. (Genuine line from the text: '"I’m only…

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A quarter of a million people have used EE’s Channel Tunnel 4G

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You can get internet in an awful lot of places these days, but few are quite so bizarre as enjoying perfect 4G signal 75 metres under the English Channel. EE customers have been able to do that for two months now, and from the looks of things they're loving the opportunity. Since the 14th of September, 250,000 customers have…

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Brace yourself: Mail Online could be turned into a TV show

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Good news for anyone who thinks the Mail Online's sidebar of shame would be a hundred times better if it involved a couple of randoms shouting about famous women’s sideboob and cellulite instead. Yep, not content with being the most popular online newspaper in the UK and having over 44 million uniques a month in…

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blackberry logo

BlackBerry Rio: another keyboardless phone from the struggling smartphone maker

Tom Pritchard Gadgets & Apps 1 Comment

BlackBerry hasn't had a great time recently. Despite the bizarre square BlackBerry Passport phone and upcoming BlackBerry Classic, both with the company's trademark full-sized QWERTY keyboards, it seems it hasn't given up on a touchscreen-only devices just yet. According to BlackBerry rumour site N4BB, the company is working on a new touchscreen-only flagship with high-end hardware specs. Currently…

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Laptop in bedroom

Augmented reality catalogues, virtual fitting rooms and more: the year in retail innovation

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It’s been a blossoming romance throughout the decade, but 2014 was the year that technology and bricks-and-mortar retail really got into bed together. As online sales still hover around the 10 per cent mark of overall retail sales in the UK, it’s clear that shoppers aren’t going to swear off the high street any time…

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‘Shazam for clothes,’ ‘Tinder for fashion’ and more – it’s the year in fashion innovation

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It’s been an appy year for fashion-lovers, with some of the biggest digital hits of recent years – Tinder, Shazam, Pinterest, and so on – turned into tools to help us hunt out the best frocks and keep one eye on the sales. This was the year that we were finally spared the embarrassment of chasing…

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2014: the year internet dating went seriously mainstream

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2014 really seems to have been the year that it’s become not just socially acceptable but actually mainstream to date online, thus making the cliched profile tagline ‘If anyone asks, we met in prison’ completely defunct. So many dating apps have sprung up, including Happn, Hinge and the newest one Antidate, to name but a…

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A look back at the big viral videos of 2014

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The question being thrown at every ad agency in the country at this moment is this: how do we make it go viral? And no wonder – an advertising campaign which clocks up stratospheric shares can capture the hearts, the imaginations and most importantly the wallets of consumers. This year saw the release of the brilliant First…

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A new biomarker discovery could help cats live longer

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Scientists have developed a new way to identify chronic kidney disease in cats. Researchers from Oregon State University have found a biomarker called SDMA that allowed them to identify the signs of kidney disease an average of 17 months sooner than existing techniques. They trialled it with 32 healthy older cats, and found that spotting…

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Weather-reactive lights and curtains that close when it’s dark: the internet of things in 2014

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Great technology doesn’t have to be in your face. It doesn’t have to be a bold, brash phablet, a brightly coloured smartwatch or a state-of-the-art speaker system. Sometimes, it's something very subtle that quietly changes the world. If the first wave of consumer tech was all about gadgets and the second all about software and apps, then…

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Sweet tweets: what got Twitter laughing in 2014

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Another year, another 200 billion tweets. How's a girl to sort the wheat from the chaff? For everything mildly amusing that happens in the world – no matter how minor – someone, somewhere, is tweeting about it. Nothing is too ridiculous: copyright issues over a selfie - taken by a monkey? Tick. Patronising woman on television…

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