Summer-ready beauty: 10 summery nail polishes

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Suddenly the sun is out, winter is over, and it's time to put away your moody blues and deep, dark berry shades of polish in favour of something lighter, brighter and more tan-friendly.  To help you pick out your next favourite shade, here are nine great Summer nail polishes plus one brilliant top coat to choose from:…

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pillsy image

Pillsy: This smart pouch reminds you to take your birth control

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It baffles me that in 2015 the most effective way to not get pregnant (behind abstinence, obviously) is to pop a pill each and every day. A method that, admittedly, is achingly simple, yet could be deemed useless if you forget to take it just once, have a stomach bug or (in some cases) take…

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CLIC Marble on Marble hires

Chip off the old block. Native Union offers luxury marble iPhone 6 cases

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Is this the craziest iPhone case ever? We're used to kitchen floors, work surfaces and walls being made out of marble but iPhone cases, that's something else. Called the CLIC Marble, it is apparently the first iPhone 6 case cut from real marble. Designed by Native Union who are known for their luxury products, it is made out…

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OPINION: Worst election leaflet ever? UKIP supporters can’t even write in English

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In the Somerset town of Frome, UKIP are so busy electioneering and saving us all from immigration that they've forgotten to master spellcheck, let alone the basics of the English language. This UKIP leaflet, diligently subedited by an English teacher, contains many dubious promises: But there's one thing in the leaflet I'm actually on board with: UKIP promise to 'take back control of…

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Swimmo smartwatch launches on Kickstarter. Available to backers later in the year

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There are lots of smart watches out there for general fitness as well as for specific sports such as running and cycling. However the appropriately named Swimmo claims to be the first specifically-designed smart watch for both pool and open water swimmers. True, there are watches available from Speedo and from smaller companies like the…

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Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones come in 3 new colours to match your iPhone 6

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Beats have just released their Solo 2 Wireless headphones in three new colours: Silver Gold Space Grey Do they ring a bell? Yep, the exact same colours as the iPhone 6. Beats don't mention the similarity in their press release, but it'd be a pretty huge coincidence, especially given that they're owned by Apple. They look pretty good,…

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jawbone up2 and up4

Jawbone unveils Up2 and Up4 activity trackers to join the Up3

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The pioneering wearable tech brains at Jawbone have unveiled two new activity trackers, the Up2 and Up4, to join the long-awaited Up3. Jawbone Up2 According to Jawbone's US website, the Up2 is set to replace the brand's original tracker, the Up24. We're very happy to hear that the Up2 has a few added features, as well…

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The BlackBerry Leap website reads like the answer to a Buzzfeed quiz

Holly Brockwell News, Premium, Smartphones, Tech

BlackBerry is releasing a new phone, the BlackBerry Leap, in the UK this month. It costs £199 and is clearly aimed at young people – the type who want to be magnates. Not so much the ones who used BlackBerry Messenger to organise the London riots. The Leap website is written in a backslapping, overly familiar we-understand-you tone that…

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WATCH: TfL’s powerful new video about sexual harassment on public transport

Holly Brockwell Feeling good, Trending, Wellbeing

Transport for London, the British Transport Police and the Mayor of London today this week unveiled a compelling new video about sexual harassment on public transport, featuring the disheartening statistic that 90% of incidents go unreported. Trigger warning: sexual assault and harassment The video shows increasing levels of harassment on a tube journey, and asks at each…

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Model Chrissy Teigen Instagrams her stretch marks

Holly Brockwell Tech

We love Chrissy Teigen. She's smart, funny, and is often spotted at tech conventions (looking considerably more glamorous than us, obviously). Her Instagram is packed with stunning pictures like these:

A photo posted by @chrissyteigen on

A photo posted by @chrissyteigen on

But recently, she posted something a little less polished:

Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week. Stretchies say hi!

A photo posted by @chrissyteigen on

And we love it. We're…

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick is Amazon’s fastest-selling device ever

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Amazon's Fire TV Stick - their answer to Google Chromecast - launched in the UK today. It's been available for preorder for a while, and today Amazon announced that it's their fastest-selling UK device ever. At £35, the streaming stick plugs straight into your HDMI port and includes a remote control (unlike Chromecast), plus useful voice…

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