Samsung has officially launched the Galaxy J1

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Earlier this month we saw some leaks that showed off a brand new budget-level phone from Samsung, the Galaxy J1. Samsung has now officially launches the phone. The phone comes with a 4.3-inch 480p display, a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, microSD expansion, dual SIM, an 1,850 mAh battery, a 2MP front camera,…

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Sky has confirmed it’s launching its own mobile network, in association with O2

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Remember the rumours we heard a couple of weeks ago regarding Sky partnering up with O2? Sky has just confirmed that those rumours were true, and its mobile network will launch in 2016. The partnership will see Sky launch its own mobile virtual network that will offer 3G and 4G services via O2's network infrastructure. It also…

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Punish unruly teenagers with VexBox, an evil device that slows down the internet

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The internet is pretty much a necessity these days, and taking it away access is an ideal punishment for any unruly teenagers. But what's even worse than cutting off access entirely? Slowing it down to pre-broadband speeds of course. That's what VexBox is for. Instead of physically disconnecting the internet, VexBox will slow the speeds…

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Huawei is releasing a smartwatch, staying away from Windows Phone

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If you've been waiting for the opportunity to grab yourself a Huawei-made Android Wear smartwatch then you're in luck, because the Chinese smartphone company has revealed that it will be launching one at MWC in March. During a trip to Huawei's Shenzen Campus, Gizmodo UK saw some documents that implied the company has greater plans for…

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These new lenses can change from glasses to sunglasses in seconds

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Transitional lenses were hailed as a breakthrough for glasses wearers when they first hit the market: you don’t need separate sunglasses or those weird, ‘80s-Dad clip-on shades anymore! Except they don’t always work as well as promised: enter a dark room when it’s bright outside and you’ll be spending a few minutes stumbling around, unable…

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The Misfit Flash will be able to control smart home devices

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The Misfit Flash is an incredibly useful fitness tracking device, what with the six month battery life and waterproofing. Misfit has announced that you'll also be able to use it to control devices in your smart home. Apparently the Flash will be compatible with various product and services. This includes the likes of IFTTT, Nest…

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How to be productive, happy & reduce stress at work #HealthandFitnessWeek

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So many people I've spoken to over the past few weeks are busy or stressed. That's their default, busy and/or stressed. Instead of talking about achievements or good things or focusing on themselves, it seems like we're all perpetuating this idea that busy = normal, busy = working hard, busy = being a good person.…

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Is online advice actually useful, or just an ego trip? #HealthandFitnessWeek

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A decade ago, almost everyone I knew on the internet had a blog. Now everywhere I look, I see a new advice column, vlog, or podcast popping up. Half the people I know want to start a new one; the other half is addicted to some self-appointed expert’s words of wisdom. Even award-winning novelist Haruki…

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A calorie-tracking app gave me an eating disorder #HealthAndFitnessWeek

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We spoke to Sarah (not her real name), a 23-year-old woman from the Midlands who found herself suffering from bulimia after she started using an app to track her calorie intake. Here's what she told us (some details changed to protect Sarah's identity). It was on Christmas Day that I knew I had a problem.…

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Fitbit Charge Review: A great all round tracker that faces lots of competition

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So what's a Fitbit Charge? Fitbit was one of the first brands to kick off the whole wearable trend back in 2008, and since then its produced some of our all-time favourite gadgets, most notably the Ultra and the Flex. Fast-forward to 2015 and the fit tech brand has revealed a range of new devices…

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