Kazam's ad was banned for being overly sexualised and objectifying women.

Kazam mobile phone ad is banned for sexism

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A young woman wanders around in her underwear, fondling her cleavage and thigh, biting her lip. What is this, some sub-‘50 Shades’ soft p0rn? Oh no, look, she’s doing her ironing, must be a gender-normative ad for some boring household product. Ahhh, no, I see what it is now: an ad for Kazam’s Tornado 348…

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Scientists looked into the optimum eyelash length.

Finally! The optimum eyelash length, revealed

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Sure, it might be cool to have a cure for cancer or see Aids ended in our lifetime. Maybe people with neurodegenerative diseases could be given a sliver of scientific hope. But I think we can all agree that there’s one field of research that's truly important for the future of humanity: optimal eyelash length.…

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Smartphone displays could have built-in fingerprint scanners fairly soon

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Remember a couple of weeks ago when we showed you Apple's patent for building TouchID into an iPhone/iPad display? It could happen sooner than you think. Apple's idea might still be in the very early stages, but a South Korean company believes it can build fingerprint-scanning touchscreens into phones by the end of the year. CrucialTec…

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Lattes are harder to spill than other coffees, clumsy types take note!

Scientists studied why lattes are harder to spill

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Good news for romantic comedy heroines with a clumsy streak (i.e. all of them): scientists have found the type of coffee least likely to spill. Lattes are apparently much easier to carry incident-free than your standard drip coffee – which turns out to be aptly named. Researchers Emilie Dressaire, from the New York University Polytechnic…

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Cute or Not is BuzzFeed's first new app in years.

BuzzFeed’s launched Cute or Not, a Tinder for Pets (kind of)

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It used to be that only humans were objectified on the internet. But now animals are getting in on the action, too, thanks to BuzzFeed. They’ve launched a new iOS app called Cute or Not that allows you to rate other people’s pets on… well, whether they’re cute or not. (They do say the simplest…

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Brainwaves can tell us more about what movies we'll like than our conscious minds.

Could measuring brainwaves predict a movie’s success?

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You might think you’re pretty good at guessing whether you’ll enjoy a movie or not, but measuring your brainwaves could be a better way to predict what will appeal to you. Maarten A. S. Boksem and Ale Smidts from Erasmus University already knew that our subconscious mind and conscious mind can often be in conflict…

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Huawei announces the 4.5G Smartband

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At the moment wearables haven't really grown up and become independent from smartphones, since they still rely on them for a large number of their useful functions. Even 3G-enabled devices like the Samsung Gear S aren't truly independent from their smartphone cousins. Huawei's Smartband has no such limitation. The Smartband also happens to run on Huawei's recently…

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Kyocera will be showing off a solar-powered smartphone at MWC

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Alternative means of powering your phone isn't really something that's kicked off just yet, despite there being some options popping up every now and again. But what about a phone that doesn't need to be plugged into charge because it has its own solar panels? Sounds ludicrous, but Kyocera has a prototype that'll be on display at…

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