Project EGG is the biggest collaborative 3D printed structure ever made

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You can do a lot of things with 3D printing: play with chocolate, make new organs, and now... create the largest collectively-made 3D printed project in the world, a pavilion in the shape of an egg (kind of). What a world. As Treehugger reports, Dutch designer Michiel van der Kley came up with the idea…

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Sadness lasts longer than other emotions, says study

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If you’ve ever thought that the bad times in life last longer than the good, you’re right. Belgian researchers have confirmed that sadness lasts longer than other emotions, from happiness to ‘let the ground open up and swallow me now please’ humiliation. Philippe Verduyn and Saskia Lavrijsen from the University of Leuven surveyed 233 students…

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Kitten-filled parody Gone Purrl makes Gone Girl much less scary (plus five other films that need cute remakes, stat)

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Forget about Amazing Amy, this week the internet’s all about the amazing kitties in The Pet Collective’s fantastic new video: an all-kitten remake of Gone Girl, called (naturally) Gone Purrl. ('The hallmark of a sociocat is a lack of empathy.') And rightly so – it might be the best thing that's ever happened. In fact,…

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Minister criticises Halloween costumes that ‘demonise’ mental illness

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If you’re dressing up for a Halloween party this weekend, or perhaps a spot of trick or treating (I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you have young children), you might want to leave the straitjacket at home. Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb has spoken out about the proliferation…

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time travel

Experts predict time travel, invisibility & teleportation to be reality by year 2100

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A group of experts has agreed that time travel, invisibility and teleportation could all become realities within the lifetimes of today's school children. According to the Telegraph, professors from Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow have agreed that by the year 2080, teleportation could be fairly commonplace, with time travel expected 20 years…

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Samsung announces the social-network optimised Galaxy A5 and A3

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Samsung has today announced two new phones designed to offer the best social networking experience possible. the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3. Both phones are optimised to allow social networking fans the opportunity to take photos, connect with friends, and share their lives as quickly and easily as possible. Coming in a full metal body, not only…

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Friends walking in field

How to turn followers into IRL friendships (without it being horribly awkward)

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One third of 15 to 18-year-olds have met up with someone they met online in real life, according to a recent survey by BBC Newsbeat. It’s the kind of research probably intended to make parents shudder and double lock the front door, but for some of us a decade older (hello) and just as tech-crazed,…

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light collage

10 beautiful and innovative lights for your home

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As winter slowly creeps in, making our nights darker and our houses (and minds) gloomier, it's important to fill your home and office spaces with as much light as possible. The right lights can improve your mood, make you more productive and leave you feeling warm and cosy with a soft glowing bulb,…

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High fat, low carb diets can help treat epilepsy

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A new study suggests that dietary changes could be helpful for patients with epilepsy. The condition causes seizures that happen when the electrical signals between brain cells are interrupted. It can be triggered by a brain injury, infection or alcohol abuse, but in most causes the cause is unclear. It affects around 50 million people…

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British design firm OS31 will build a pop-up restaurant on a frozen river

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A British design firm has won a hotly-contested competition to build a cosy space in one of the coldest places in the world, according to Treehugger. It’s too frosty to enjoy many outdoor activities in Manitoba, Canada during the winter, but the city’s embraced its icy reputation and in 2010 local gallery RAW launched the…

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Meet Drivebot, the new wearable for your car

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You might think that wearables are just for people and animals but there’s no reason not to let your car get in on the action, too. As PSFK points out, a new device called Drivebot is designed to be ‘Fitbit for your car’, keeping track of its wellbeing and alerting you to any problems before…

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