No need for an ATM with new app – get cash delivered

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If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get cash (easier than walking to the nearest ATM, that is), then Nimbl could hold the answer. As PSFK reports, Nimbl aims to deliver cash into the hands of its customers fast, to any location, at any time. It has been developed by San Francisco- and…

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Beetroot could help treat heart failure

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New research suggests that beetroot could be helpful for people with heart disease. A team from Kansas State University led by David Poole, a professor of exercise kinesiology, anatomy, and physiology, has been studying the root vegetable’s benefits for a while. Last year, they published a study showing that the nitrate (a natural form of…

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coca cola smoking

Drinking fizzy drinks daily ages you as much as smoking

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Downing a fizzy drink on a daily basis will age you as much as if you smoked with the same frequency, TreeHugger has reported. According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, drinking a sugar-sweetened 20-ounce / 567g bottle ages you as much as smoking, adding almost two years onto the life of human cells.…

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Ten Halloween costumes for women from geeky to gruesome

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Whether you see Halloween as a chance to dress up in something glam, show off your 'geek' cred, or simply scare the neighbourhood children (serves them right, begging for sweets like that), there's a costume to suit your every whim. But choosing one with just a few days to go can be overwhelming.…

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Nokia is dead, long live Microsoft Lumia

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The other day we reported that Microsoft was moving ahead with plans to ditch the Nokia brand in favour of using Lumia, today that has been confirmed by Microsoft's Senior VP for Marketing for Phones, Tuula Rytilä. Speaking on what was once Nokia Conversations, Rytilä confirmed that a branding transition was taking place and that Microsoft's phones…

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Adam the labrador proves that dogs can be allergic to humans, too

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Itchy skin that causes an insatiable urge to scratch is one of the side-effects when people are allergic to dogs. And, as Treehugger reports, it's also one of the side-effects when dogs are allergic to people. When volunteers from the Lucky Dog Retreat rescue centre in Indianapolis in the U.S found an adorable two year-old…

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Social media speech bubbles

Words that have whole new meanings, thanks to social media

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'On a cold winter's evening, the whole family would gather round the wireless... because Virgin Media broadband was down to 2Mbps again.' For as long as it has existed, the internet has been taking words and claiming them as its own. Post, thread, status; all terms that would have entirely different meanings on Downton Abbey than they…

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Want to learn more? You need to daydream, says study

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You know when you’re working hard to learn something new and people tell you that you need to calm down and stop stressing? Annoying, isn’t it? What’s even more annoying is that they’re right. New research suggests that rather than pushing yourself to take in new information, your time would be better spent daydreaming, and…

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Over-the-counter painkillers could help treat depression

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Anti-inflammatory painkillers sold over the counter (like ibuprofen and aspirin) could help to treat depression, according to a new analysis. As Psych Central reports, researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark have just reviewed 14 studies containing info on 6262 patients who had symptoms of depression, publishing their findings in JAMA Psychiatry. They discovered that those…

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Taylor Swift has become synonymous with 'adorkable' [image via We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together video]

“Photobomb”, “adorkable” among latest additions to Collins English Dictionary

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The terms 'twerking', 'photobomb' and 'meme' are among the latest to be added to the print edition of the Collins English Dictionary, Huffington Post reports. They're just a couple of the whopping 50,000 new entries which have been added to the dictionary's 12th edition. Also making the cut are 'Bitcoin' and 'onesie'. More obscure entries include…

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B&O Play enters the Bluetooth speaker market with the BeoPlay A2

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B&O PLAY has today unveiled its first ever Bluetooth speaker, the BeoPlay A2, and at a much more affordable price than its usual speakers too (although still pretty expensive). The BeoPlay A2 is also the world’s first omni-directional sound solution for a flat speaker, which, according to B&O, ensures that everyone listening can enjoy equally…

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‘Brain training’ won’t make you smarter or stave off Alzheimer’s after all

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Finally: some good news for the lazy, can’t-be-bothered-with-Sudoku types among us. Turns out, ‘brain training’ software and apps aren’t doing a darn thing. Yep, even though Nicole Kidman strongly implied the DS version would make us smarter, prettier, and more Oscar-winning, there’s absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest that any technology can train our brains…

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10 things to consider when buying a budget phone

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These days to get your hands on a half decent smartphone you don't need to spend obscene amounts of money since there are budget phones all over the place trying to get themselves into your hand/front pocket. While it's similar to buying a flagship phone, there are certain things you need to be…

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APP OF THE DAY: Blloon makes reading eBooks easier, more enjoyable (and free)

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Blloon is a brand new app that aims to make reading eBooks easier and more enjoyable for those who don't want to commit to pricey online services. Built for iOS, Blloon allows its users to 'earn' eBooks by sharing, recommending and reviewing what they've already read, which is what makes it stand out against similar…

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