App review: the new Zomato helps you find restaurants that do pancakes (among other things!)

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Zomato has been around for a pretty long time – 6 years, in fact –  as a restaurant discovery service. But there are lots of those, so it hasn’t really ignited our interest until now, other than making us vaguely wonder why you’d spell tomato with a Z. But they’ve just launched a new version…

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Pizza Express

How restaurant app Twizoo will make sure you never have a mediocre meal again

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I can’t eat at a restaurant unless I’ve heard that it’s good. I need a Grace Dent endorsement, at least two trusted friend recommendations or at the very least a crinkled Time Out review blu-tacked up in the window before I can risk putting my stomach and wallet in an eatery’s hands. As afflictions go,…

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High school student creates mobile add-on to diagnose malaria

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Last month we reported on an app which can identify malaria, and now a California student has developed an add-on for smartphones which can help identify the disease. The project, entitled Athelas, uses a lens attachment for smartphones to identify and magnify blood samples, while a corresponding app provides analysis of the images. Athelas promises…

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New campaign uses iPhones to diagnose malaria

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We've heard crowdfunding stories about cool new gadgets which need extra cash to get them into distribution, but this latest campaign is for something altogether more altruistic, and potentially life-changing: an app which can identify malaria. If caught in its early stages, malaria can be treated, but the traditional microscopic method of diagnosis costs both a lot of…

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MindRDR: This Google Glass app lets you take photos and share them – just by thinking

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The ability to mind-read is fast becoming a reality, thanks to a brand new app for Google Glass, which allows you to take photos and share them using only your brainwaves. Called MindRDR, the app was developed by London-based user experience company This Place and requires the NeuroSky EEG Biosensor to work. It's this additional sensor, which…

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Spruced Up! examples page

Spruced Up: Meet the app that will make our photos perfect

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Just when you thought life was filtered enough, a new tool comes along to set the bar for photo perfection even higher. Unlike the usual amateur apps, Spruced Up! offers the chance to have your photos retouched by professionals. Founded by photographer Rob Willingham, the team behind the screen claim to have had a hand…

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Drivology monitors your driving, giving you bigger insurance discounts the safer you are!

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We love when a new idea comes along that is so simple we wonder why no one had thought of it before, and Drivology is exactly that. The app monitors how safe you drive, offering you bigger discounts on car insurance the safer a driver you are. The app is free, and, once downloaded, automatically…

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New iPhone case lights up to show your friends' mood

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We thought we couldn't know any more about what our friends are doing at any given moment, thanks to the world of social media, but The Feeling Skin has now created a social network based on emotion, complete with a smartphone case that lights up to tell you what mood your friends are in. The…

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Moves breaks its promise and changes its privacy policy

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11 days after being acquired by Facebook, and assuring users it wouldn't change its privacy policy, our favourite fitness-tracking app, Moves, has done exactly that - changed its privacy policy to allow broader sharing of user data. On Friday, Moves's privacy policy still read that the company did not "disclose an individual user's data to third…

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