Meet the team

The ShinyShiny team reside in London Bridge. Made up of writers, editors and our commercial team, we’re all tech enthusiasts and seasoned industry pros.

Becca Caddy, Publisher

Becca is passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing. She’s particularly interested in wearable technology, how our mobiles can help us to get fitter and ways to introduce mindfulness and meditation into our busy working lives. As a northerner living in London, she loves exploring the city, going to the cinema at every possible opportunity and Instagramming everything that crosses her path.

Follow her on Twitter: @beccacaddy

Holly Brockwell, Editor

Holly spent the first 7 years of her career in advertising, writing for prestigious clients including the UK launches of the iPhone 3G and 3GS, the Huffington Post and BlackBerry 10. She also advertised the Harry Potter videogames, ran Honda’s social media, and got her name on some pretty sparkly awards. As well as editing ShinyShiny, Holly writes product reviews for us, concentrating on her specialist area of smartphones but always eager to try a new gadget of any flavour.

Follow her on Twitter: @hollybrocks

Hayley Minn, Senior Staff Writer

Hayley covers news, which tech accessories you should buy, smart shopping updates and, with a passion for and background in entertainment, keeps you abreast of what celebrities are getting up to on Twitter and Instagram. As a perpetual singleton, she is always looking for new ways to date in London, whether that be through apps or events.

Follow her on Twitter: @hayleyminn

Lauren Bravo, Style & Social Media Columnist

Lauren is a professional tweeter, pop culture junkie and Netflix addict. She’s written about fashion since she was in flared jeans, and barely a trend goes by that she doesn’t have an opinion on. An early adopter, she can usually be found hunting for a bargain on the virtual high street and blasting the latest high-tech skincare claims.

Follow her on Twitter: @laurenbravo

Chris Price, Home & Car Columnist

Chris has been a journalist for more years than he cares to remember, going freelance in 1997 on the same weekend Princess Diana died (he doesn’t think the two events are related). When he’s not writing about the latest developments in the connected home, he’s normally driving his little smart car round town. A passionate swimmer, Chris has his own swimming blog and is a qualified lifeguard. 

Follow him on Twitter: @shinychris

Laura Scott, Creative Consultant

Laura is a bit of a nomad, who can often be found camped out in coffee shops around London. She is an avid bicycle collector and loves all cycling related gadgets. If she’s not cycling, she is playing with cameras and photography apps. In addition to being our Creative consultant, Laura is the editor of The Locals, a digital global culture platform, that curates content from around the world.

Follow her on Twitter: @laura_scott

Diane Shipley, Staff Writer

Diane is especially interested in high-tech medical advances, weird and interesting uses of science, new gadgets, and the intersection of tech and lifestyle. When not working, she reads the internet, listens to podcasts, watches American TV, and thinks about leaving the house.

Follow her on Twitter: @dianeshipley


Ashley Snell, Commercial Manager

Ashley Norris, CEO of Sutro Digital

Ashley has been a tech journalist for longer than he cares to remember. He is passionate about mobile phones, technology and music and how social media can change people’s lives.

Follow him on Twitter: @ashley_norris

Sadie Hale, Intern

Sadie has interned with ShinyShiny since the summer, and enjoys writing about trending news stories and environmental tech (as well as the odd cat video). She can generally be found planning her next travelling excursion, lurking in street markets or hunting for burritos.

Follow her on Twitter: @_sadiesaid

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