8 Samsung Galaxy S5 phone covers to brighten up your world

Hayley Minn Tech

Now that the sun has been out for at least a week consistently, it’s officially summer, so we’ll be looking at the brightest phone cases to jazz up your life and fit the weather over the coming weeks. Today’s covers are all about the Samsung Galaxy S5. While the phone does actually come in a few great colours, it’s always nice to be able to give it that personal touch, so here are some of our favourites.

MobileFun 10-in-1 Silicone Case Pack

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Why have one cover when you can get 10? This pack of soft touch silicone covers gives you a choice between 10 different colours, including purple, blue and yellow, so you can constantly change it, depending on your mood.

Get your set from MobileFun for £11.99.

By Hayley Minn | July 7th, 2014

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