Misfit Shine steps up its wearable game, launches new colours


One of the best-looking wearables on the market, the Misfit Shine, has just had a revamp and no longer comes solely in grey, but also in beige and turquoise – shades that the company have exotically named “champagne” and “topaz”.

The Misfit Shine is one of our favourite activity tracking devices because it can be worn in so many ways – on your wrist, belt clip, shirt button hole, even a necklace. It’s also a clear winner in the power stakes, because the Shine’s battery lasts four whole months.

We’re not too keen on the new champagne shade, but the topaz is a nice splash of a very wearable colour, but just subtle enough to go unnoticed, which we certainly can’t say for products from some of Misfit’s competitors – we’re looking at you Fitbit.

As well as new colours, Misfit has also updated its accompanying app, which now allows users to keep a more thorough food diary, track their sleep patterns and manually enter data too. Although these changes seem rather small, they’re all necessary to keep up with fierce competition from the likes of Jawbone and Fitbit.

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Becca CaddyMisfit Shine steps up its wearable game, launches new colours