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Pink gadgets are back! Here's the evidence

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Round about five years ago the stores were awash with gadgets in all manner of pink. Pretty much every consumer electronics maker had a selection of phones, music players and more in salmon, fuchsia, coral or just shockingly loud.

But then along came the iPhone and the market for girly pink gadgets seem to die almost overnight.

There are however signs that pink gadgets might be about to make a comeback. So if you want pink gadgets here are a few that are of the more recent contenders.

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  • Geraldine Laughton

    Only problem is when you need your man to fix it or show you how to work it and he won't want to be seen with a pink gadget in case someone thinks he's a poof!

  • Coco

    I have this pink iphone skin and Iove it!!

  • cari

    I LOVE my Pink Flambé iphone case by MobileTogs.

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