Girl builds a rocket and sends Hello Kitty up into space

A US girl decided to become the star of her class and an internet sensation overnight by sending a Hello Kitty doll up into the stratosphere on the back of a rocket she built. Wow she’s making us feel really lame about our lives right now.

The 12 year old from California watched an ad on TV about a balloon being sent up into space and decided she could totally do the same, but with a little Hello Kitty that her dad brought back to her from Japan.

Check out the video above for awesome shots and videos that the GoPro cameras attached to the rocket managed to capture.

[Via io9]

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Becca CaddyGirl builds a rocket and sends Hello Kitty up into space
  • John Lanigan

    Wicked!!!!! I love it that girls are really getting into science and technology now. Too late for me being a Grandfather but it's still brilliant. Well done you. Loved the video too.

  • Andy Ozimek

    Awesome. Very creative. My initial thought was how expensive to send 4 Go Pro's into space but somehow she managed to get them back. It must have landed not far from launch site despite strong winds or was there some NAV?